The Forgotten Room: The Foyer

I remember the first time I really noticed my husband Tom. He just got back from the beach and his legs were a golden brown. Once I saw those legs I was hooked, and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. FYI…once he got me hooked, he never went back out in the sun!

First Impressions Count

My point is that a first impression is a lasting impression so you need to pay special attention to the first impression you are creating with your home. What would you like your home’s first impression to convey? Think about it – depending on the layout of your home, some people may never see past the entrance. How many times have you gone to pick up your child or to drop something off, and never had the time to venture in to someone’s home?

Below are pictures of an entryway designed in three very different, but appealing ways. What impression do they convey?

Grandfather Clock

First, a grandfather clock fits perfectly into this foyer space. This is NOT your grandfather’s grandfather clock. It is an unique Asian-inspired clock with an interesting shape and beautiful finish. Impression? Wow, that’s interesting – I want to venture further to see what other treasures there are!

Upholstered Bench

Second, an upholstered bench adorned with pillows and a throw are complemented by striking artwork. Impression? I feel welcome enough to come in and have a seat.

Unique Case Good

Third, a fun striped dresser is utilized as an entry piece and finished with thoughtful accessories and artwork. Impression? I would have never thought of using a bedroom dresser in the foyer – I want to see more!

Final Notes

None of these foyers are your typical formal Foyer. They are unique, pique your interest, and leave your guests wanting more – which is what makes House2Home!

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