The Forgotten Rooms: The Laundry Room

I like to have an “open door” policy at our house. There used to be one exception to that rule – the Laundry Room. I took the “out of sight, out of mind” approach. Unfortunately the over-flowing laundry baskets wouldn’t let me live in denial too long. And since the Laundry Fairy never showed, I decided to make my Laundry Room a happy space – and you should too!

Yes, the Laundry Room needs to be functional with adequate storage for supplies and a sorting, drying and hanging area. Laundry Rooms can be small in scale; however, there are many stylish storage options today.

Decorating Your Laundry Room

Now, to the fun part…decorating your Laundry Room. Paint it a bold color…sunny yellow or ¬†soothing blue/green. If you have a window, dress it with a casual valance in a whimsical fabric. As for those walls, decorate them with art – especially if you are lucky enough to have your very own artists-in-residence. They owe you – you do their laundry!

I do want to mention that in some homes, the Laundry Room also serves as the garage or side entrance. Today’s washers & dryers are very sculptural in color and form. However, if your 15-year-old washer is still chugging along, then consider drapery panels in that whimsical fabric to hide them away when not in use.

Happy Space!

Below are photos from a client’s happy space. We used a sunny yellow on the walls, fun fabrics for the valance and skirt (to hide clutter), and vintage laundry signs along with their kids’ artwork to decorate the walls! This room is their garage entrance and definitely makes their House2Home!

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