The Forgotten Rooms – The Master Bedroom

Now, I know you are saying, “How can the Master Bedroom be forgotten – I sleep there every night?!?!”  But, did you forget to decorate it? You probably think this is the one space that no one will ever see, but that’s not true…YOU see it every day. Family is great, kids are the best, but everyone needs a restful, calm environment.


The obvious focal point of the room is the bed, so your headboard needs to make a statement. Upholstered beds are very popular these days – especially since it is fairly easy to make your own.

If you are that handy, you could also make a headboard out of a salvaged door or even out of a new one you distress.  If you can’t figure it out yourself, you are just a “Google” away.


You need to pay special attention to dressing the bed along with the windows. Custom linens are worth the investment, but if that is not an option, a store-bought duvet and drapery panels can be paired with custom pillows. The important thing is to create color scheme that supports a restful, calm environment.


Now, what to put on either side of that fabulous bed? Whatever you choose, make sure they don’t match – a round wooden table paired with a small painted chest; an open shelf table paired with a two-drawer nightstand; or a round pedestal table paired with a bombay chest – just make sure the lines of the furniture pieces are complementary.



Next, evaluate your storage needs. If you are fortunate enough to have a closet system, you may not even need a dresser in your bedroom.  Unless you absolutely need more storage, I recommend one large piece – a triple dresser or wardrobe chest. You don’t want your space to feel too crowded. Remember…restful, calm environment.

Seating Area

Finally, every Master Bedroom needs a seating area – even if it’s just a plush chair in corner. Don’t forget the ottoman to put your feet on.


Finishing Touches

Accessories and art will be the icing on the cake and should be meaningful. Mirrors have come a long way – I recommend a floor mirror with a bulky frame. You can lean it or hang it.

Family photos are especially meaningful – be sure to pay special attention to the frames.

Art is personal, but landscapes can capture dream getaways.

Notice, I have not mentioned a TV. If you absolutely have to have one in your bedroom, make sure it is low profile and hide it, if possible.

You can achieve and absolutely deserve a restful, calm Master Bedroom, and this is what makes House2Home!

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