The Forgotten Rooms

The Forgotten Rooms – everyone has them. These are the rooms that you think rank low on the importance and/or impact scale . Or you think no one will ever see this room so why waste your time and money?

Creating a House that Flows

This series of blogs will be dedicated to these Forgotten Rooms. Hopefully, by the end of the series, I will have convinced you that no room should be forgotten. Although some rank lower than others on the importance and/or impact scale, your home is made up of a collection of rooms that should flow seamlessly from one another – regardless if you are the only one who ever sees the entire collection. Do not rank yourself low on the importance scale. Your home is where you spend a majority of your time, and it should be a respite from your sometimes (if not always) stressful life – not a mitigating factor!

The Foyer

Our first Forgotten Room will be the Foyer. Now you may say, “I have a rug and a table with a mirror over it in my foyer, what more do I need?” Talk about a room that ranks high on the impact scale! You’ve heard the saying “A first impression is a lasting impression?” Or “A person judges you (or your home in this situation) in the first 15 seconds?”

Guest/Powder Room

Another Forgotten Room is your Guest/Powder Bath. Now you may say, “I have a toilet and a pedestal sink with a mirror over it, what more do I need?” This is a space for captive audiences, and you have an opportunity for a great impact.

Laundry Room

Our third Forgotten Room is your Laundry Room. I had an epiphany a couple of years ago when I realized that the Laundry Fairy was never going to come and take over my laundry duties so I was going to be in this room a lot and it should at least be a pleasant place to be – even if the reason I was in there was not! And yes, you can decorate a Laundry Room.

Master Bedroom

The last Forgotten Room may surprise you – it’s your Master Bedroom! I cannot tell you how many clients rank this space low in importance because it is low in impact – but only to guests who may never see your private space. In ranking your space this way, you are ranking your importance as low. Not only do you deserve a private retreat, you need it! My goal in designing Master Bedrooms is for the client to walk in and visibly exhale – leaving all the stress at the threshold and achieving a sense of calm.


Let me know what you think another Forgotten Room may be – how about your Garage? (Yes, you can decorate a Garage). Remembering these Forgotten Rooms is what makes  House2Home!

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