What is my Design Philosophy?

I have been asked many times what my design philosophy is. So, I have to ask myself – what is a design philosophy? And, do I have one?

What is a Design Philosophy?

As defined by Wikipedia, a design philosophy is a guide to help make choices when designing such as costs, economics, functionality and methods of re-design. Utilizing this definition would mean that my design philosophy would change based on the project. Although I define design goals for each project – and that is necessary because each project and each client is different – I think I do have an overall design philosophy.

My Design Philosophy

My philosophy has evolved over time and is affected by who I am as an individual. There are many talented interior designers in this business, but we each approach projects in a slightly different manner. I would say my design philosophy incorporates problem-solving, functionality, minimalism, and individualism.

Problem Solving

If nothing else, I am a problem-solver and that is a must for an interior designer. Clients come to me because they cannot solve their design dilemmas themselves. I must ask probing questions and get to root of the issue.


I am also all about function. No matter how beautiful a space is, if it does not function for a client’s lifestyle, then the project is a failure. I was watching a design show recently during which a designer was going on and on about how functional the recliner she selected was; however, an oversize coffee table was also selected and blocked the recliner and therefore, made it non-functioning!


I am not a minimalist in the purest sense; however, I do believe in the philosophy of “less is more.” It is better to have unique accessories that can stand alone than have a bookshelf cluttered with candlesticks and ivy. This approach requires patience and diligence to find just the right item, and that’s why you hire a designer.


I do believe that each space should be a reflection of the individuals who reside there. Recently, I was sent a link for a virtual tour of a home in California. It was absolutely impeccable, but I cannot tell you any more about the person who lives there today than I could prior to viewing the link. The home had no personality whatsoever, and personality is what turns House2Home!


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