Decorating for a Holiday

My least favorite holiday is Halloween…for several reasons:

  1. I do not like sweets so the sight of all that candy makes me ill.
  2. My daughters tend to wait until October 30th to ask for help with their costumes. Hello? I am an Interior Designer, not a Costume Designer.
  3. I don’t like all those interruptions at the door when I am trying to get caught up with my DVR!

However, I do like to decorate for the Fall/Halloween season. Now, I have a LOT of Christmas decorations. To give you an idea of what a LOT is – one year, I decided I would pack up all my accessories and only display Christmas items, and I had plenty to go around! Not so with Fall decorations…for a couple of reasons.

  1. I am still paying off the credit card for all those Christmas items.
  2. I have no where to store them – please refer to #1.

So, how do you make an impact with only a few items? There are three areas that you should focus on when decorating for a holiday.

1. Front Entrance

First focal point is your front entrance. At the bare minimum, a festive wreath on the front door is a must! Below is an adorable wreath that incorporates candy corn. This is also an opportunity to bring in some natural elements. Who says you only need one pumpkin? How about displaying pumpkins and gourds in a planter? If you have a porch with a seating area, decorative fall pillows in an outdoor fabric are in order!

2. Mantel

Second focal point is  your mantel.  Garland in all of the wonderful reds, yellows, oranges and greens of the fall will draw any visitor’s eye.

3. Table

Third focal point is your table.  A bowl with ornamental gourds, garland with gourds displayed throughout, a hurricane with a candle surrounded by candy corns…the possibilities are endless.

Focusing on these three areas will make guests experience all the wonderful sensations of the fall, and making your guests feel welcome is what makes House2Home!


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