Q&A: How to Accessorize a Bathroom

Let’s face it…bathrooms can be sterile, boring, albeit functional spaces. Now, I am all about function, but not at the cost of great style. Therefore, it is important that you accessorize your bath.

The Basics

You probably have the basics covered…paint color that coordinates with other rooms in a special bathroom or gloss finish to prevent mildew and water damage…matching hardware and lighting (preferably updated with rubbed oil bronze or brushed nickel finish)…decorative towels and shower curtain, if applicable…

If you don’t have these covered, STOP reading now and return when you have accomplished the basics. All of these are necessary for the space; however, your bath could be so much more!

Decorative Mirrors

A major impact for any bath is to remove that plate glass mirror and replacing it with a decorative mirror(s). Yes, there may be drywall damage, but it will be well worth the effort. If not, how about building a chunky frame out of wood molding and painting or staining it?

Unique Towel Rack

Don’t settle for a boring towel rack…in the photo below, we used a rack with old door knobs to hang the towels on. You don’t have to worry about folding the towels, and they dry very quickly.

Artwork and Window Treatments

Who says art doesn’t belong in a bath or has to be bathroom-theme-related?

In the below image, since the space below was well ventilated, we were able to hang oil paintings in the bathroom. As an aside…since the window already had an architectural feature with the glass block, a window treatment was not necessary.

However, if you have a window in your bath, dress it with a treatment. You can coordinate it with your shower curtain. As an aside to the aside…a custom shower curtain in an appropriate fabric for a wet space is a welcome alternative to an off-the-shelf curtain, and again, well worth the investment.

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Be creative when selecting your storage. Apothecary glass jars make great Q-tip or cotton ball holders. And remember…baskets are always your friends in decorating.


What about lighting? Two words…Update It! I love lighting – it’s decorative and functional! Please note, no clients were harmed in the hanging the chandelier over the spa tub. They never use the tub, so we went for it! However, if you are a bath addict, I suggest a super-stylish, ceiling-mounted, bath-rated fixture.

Finishing Touches

Don’t forget the finishing touches…a well-placed decorative accessory such as the perfume bottles in the blog header the below glass vases are perfect for a countertop or beside that spa tub.

louisville interior design

Happy Bathing…it’s what makes House2Home!

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