Not a Drapery Panel Again!

A few years back when we purchased a home in Alpharetta, Georgia, instead of doing any ol’ drapery panel, I went custom window treatment crazy! We had all these interesting windows and intricate molding that I highlighted with fabulous treatments. We used multiple fabrics accented with unique trims.

And then…we moved. I couldn’t take all of them with me, and do you know the new homeowner had the nerve to take down the treatments! Never mind that our color schemes were not the same.  She could have gotten new furnishings for her entire house to coordinate with my treatments. Hello, she had recently met a very talented interior designer!

At this point, you are probably wondering how I know so much about the new homeowner – I assure you there was only little stalking involved!

After that painful emotional – not to mention financial –  lesson, I decided to decorate the windows in our new home with drapery panels that could move with us should the need arise. The only problem is that drapery panels can be a little boring.  Now I am a firm believer that fabric should speak for itself in a window treatment. In other words, the design should not distract from the fabric, it should complement it.  With that said, here are some ways to “dress” up your panels.

Custom Treatments

For custom treatments, add a banding around the edges of the entire panel or on the interior side only to frame your window pane. One of my favorite options is to combine fabrics – either at the top, center or bottom of the panel. (This is also the solution when you move and your panel length doesn’t match your new window height.) In the panel below, the wall color and the colors for the accent fabric were pulled from the linen floral. A fun beaded trim was incorporated where the two fabrics meet.

Ready Made Panels

Embellish pre-made panels with a fringe or even add a band of fabric. We purchased the silk lichen panel below from Pottery Barn. The colorful floral fabric with unique ball fringe promotes the color scheme.  It injects interest to an otherwise generic panel.

And always remember…”Dressing” your windows in order to bring much needed warmth to your rooms is what makes House2Home!


Other Examples:

Click on the picture below to explore how these drapery panels were used!

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