2012 Design Trends

Happy New Year! Below are some 2012 design trends. These are just trends, and you can be sure I will be publishing a different list this same time next year. My recommendation is to take a look at what’s hot, and if you like it, incorporate it…sparingly!

Color of the Year

The color for the year is…gray. We saw a lot of this color in 2011 in blue grays and green grays, but in 2012, we will see shades of warm (brown), light (silver) and charcoal (yummy!) gray. Gray is considered a neutral color, but it is still a cool color. If you use on your walls, be sure you have pops of colors in your furnishings. Yellows look great with gray and will  be prevalent in furnishings and accessories as well.

Louisville Interior Design family room sofa accent pillows

Speaking of furnishings, don’t limit your use of gray to the walls – furniture looks great upholstered in gray…think men’s suit on a nice tailored chair!

louisville interior design lexington upholstery sectional sofa

Be Good to Mother Earth

As we continue to be eco-friendly, reclaimed and repurposed furniture and accessories will be in in 2012. Natural and rustic pieces look great with modern and transitional furnishings so incorporate them into your spaces.

Lower Chair Heights

Furniture manufacturers are lowering the height of their chairs from 20″ to 17-18″ – think “lounge” chairs. These work well in smaller spaces and rooms with standard or lower ceiling height. Just because this is a trend does not mean it will work for everyone. You need to definitely sit in a chair to make sure it works for you, and if you are going with the new lounge chair, make sure you have enough abdominal strength to get out of the chair (Working out in 2012 a resolution for anyone?!?!).


Not much new in the Kitchen – stainless steel appliances, open concept kitchens, and the multi-purpose island continue to be trends.

Outdoor Living Areas

We will continue to move outdoors and expand our living areas. Fire pits/places remain popular. As our schedules get busier and our minds are on the environment, our landscaping is becoming all about low maintenance lawns, plants, and flowers.


As far as patterns that will be popular on accessories and fabrics,  the always popular choice of damask will get a facelift by being available in a myriad of vibrant colors. And your grandmother’s lace is making a comeback in an unexpected way – think cut-outs in wallpapers and artwork.


Speaking of artwork, oversized artwork and photography are still popular, and I say, “the bigger, the better!”

Incorporating trends that you love with your existing furnishings is what makes House2Home! Have a great 2012!

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