Updating A Family Home: Upstairs Loft

By looking at the title of this blog, you think we are going to be detailing our redesign of this Family Home‘s Upstairs Loft, and we will. But what this blog is really about is compromise.I’ll get to that in a minute, but first…the homeowners had a wonderful loft area that overlooked the Living Room.

Reusing Existing Furniture

They had a great  desk and some fabulous drapery panels in a horse print. The homeowners love horses, but the wife did not want “horse stuff” all over the house.  We decided to contain it to the loft. Basically, all we added were a couple of leather club chairs and a rug. We accessorized with framed horse prints, a bronze horse statue, a decorative horse lamp, and a signed jockey saddle that we mounted on the wall.

The Compromise

Now for the compromise…on my first visit to this Family Home, there was a huge deer head mounted above the mantle. Much discussion ensued about “to keep or not to keep” the deer head. The husband lost.

A few weeks later I received a photo of the husband kneeling beside the largest elk I had ever seen. The message read, “You need to find a place for this.” And so I did. You see, the loft had a wonderful vaulted ceiling so the wall above the rolltop desk was massive – the perfect spot for this trophy. The homeowner had it done in a European mount, and I must say, it’s impressive.

So, a deer head is no longer the focal point of the Living Room, but an even larger elk head is the perfect scale for the Loft. And everyone is happy…my work here is done! Enjoy!

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