Tread Lightly, I mean, Trend Lightly in 2013

So, it’s that time of year again. Time to talk about what’s new in interior design for the upcoming year. As the title indicates and I have cautioned before, the very nature of a trend is that it will change, so it’s important to trend lightly. Keep the main elements neutral and classic and add trends (lightly) as accents and you’ll be fine. Off my soapbox, on to what’s hot for 2013…

Colors to Trend Lightly

Colors will still be bold, just not neon – which is a good thing.

Yellow is still prevalent in 2013, but it’s more muted than what we have seen in 2012.

Blue is a color that is appealing to both men and women and will be big in 2013. Navy blue is the new black, and I couldn’t be happier!

We are coming full circle from orange back to red…but in moderation. Nothing makes a statement more than a red lacquer accent piece.


Patterns to Trend Lightly

Classic fabrics such as florals are making a comeback, but with a twist – they appear on white backgrounds. This lighter background will allow you to upholster your favorite chair in an updated floral fabric without worrying about it dominating the entire room.

I think the day of ‘The Matching Bedroom Suites’ is over; now it’s time to mix it up with your fabrics & patterns. It is okay – in fact preferred – to mix a stripe with a pattern with a geometric. Mixing it up is what makes a room interesting!

Nothing beats a stripe, and stripes are huge in 2013 – the wider the better. Stripes add movement to a room and are a great way to tie your color palette together.

louisville interior design stripe ottoman trend lightly

Styles to Trend Lightly

Botanicals, and much to my dismay, insect patterns will continue to be popular. I  must admit it is a surefire way to bring the outdoors in, which will be an ongoing theme for 2013.

louisville home decor accessories botanical art trend lightly

The tribal look, while still popular, will progress into a more relaxed bohemian style.

Finishes to Trend Lightly

This one should not surprise you because of what you have seen in the fashion trends… gold/brass is coming back, and I, for one, am glad!

I know this will go against everything you were ever taught, but it is okay to mix your metals! Gold and silver in the same room make for a much more interesting room.

Wallpaper has been threatening a comeback for the last few years and has apparently arrived. (For those of you who follow my blog, you know I LOVE wallpaper). If you love the wallpaper patterns you see, but are still too afraid to commit, try the pattern on a shower curtain, drapery panel  or accent pillow.

louisville interior design wallpaper homearama foyer trend lightly

A final note…2013 will be all about the sense of touch. Texture, texture, and more texture will be key. Remember, you cannot go wrong with natural elements.

louisville home decor accessories

Happy New Year and Trend Lightly!



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