The Psychology of Color: Green With Envy

In honor of The Masters’ Green Jacket, I dedicate this week’s blog to the color green.

Green Makes a Space Feel Larger

Green is a secondary color achieved by mixing the primary colors blue and yellow. It is a cool color temperature-wise which makes a space feel larger. However, we can sometimes perceive cool-colored rooms as stark and lacking warmth.

Pair Green with White

Although I am not a psychologist (as an interior designer and a mom, I sometimes have to play one in real life), the color green is associated with serenity, hope, peace and security. White brings out green’s best qualities so keep that in mind when using it as a wall color, i.e., pair it with white trim.

In this bedroom, we added a greyed out green to the ceiling and upper part of the walls and then used a creamy off-white to balance the look!

louisville interior design

Green is particularly pleasing in food areas such as Kitchens and Dining Rooms.  The centerpiece below pops the green with black and white accessories.

Use it as an accent color, it’s complement is red…think Christmas…so be careful choosing non-traditional shades. In the painting below the range of bright reds complement the soft green wall and deeper greens in the stems.
Louisville KY Interior Designer and Decorator Robin Cole


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