The Psychology of Color: The Color Purple

During this Easter season, we thought it appropriate to discuss the color purple (or violet, its proper name).

It is the result of mixing equal parts of soothing blue and energetic red.

Psychologically Speaking

The psychological associations with this color include spirituality, royalty, opulence, dignity, and mystery. Purple lowers blood pressure and increase creativity. It is the perfect color to boost a child’s imagination or an artist’s creativity. However, too much of one of the darker shades can create feelings of sadness.


The origin of purple’s reputation of representing royalty and authority is purely historical. The Roman Emperor Julius Caesar was said to be so taken with the color that only he was allowed to wear it! Purple is considered an honorable color. The award given to soldiers who are wounded or killed during war is aptly named the Purple Heart.

Purple in Interior Design

When we think of the color purple, most of us think we would never decorate with it.  If you look around, you will see that it is used quite often in interior design – just in varying shades. Those shades range from mauve, lilac and lavender to magenta, plum, and eggplant.

Color Combinations

Purple is arguably the easiest to combine with other colors. Some successful color combos include:

grays & lavender (think romantic bedroom sanctuary)

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magenta & mustard (think the Gryffindor Common Room at Hogwarts)

plum & lime green (think my teenager daughter’s bedroom in Louisville, Kentucky)

Regardless of the shade or color combination, purple plays well off white trim.

Whether you are at Hogwarts or in Louisville, Kentucky, purple is an easy color with which to decorate. As with all colors, if you worry you will tire of it, just use it in accents such as pillow fabrics that can be easily changed.

Fun Fact

We will leave you with a Fun Fact: Did you know in feng shui, there is only one color that is suitable for all directions? You guessed it – the Color Purple!

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