2014 Color Trends

Happy New Year! This short blog series will focus on the Interior Design trends for 2014. This entry shares the popular colors for this year.


Gray is considered the  “new” white. It works with everything because it has no chroma. Chroma is the purity of a hue or color. Think about a man’s gray flannel suit. It looks great with any color shirt or a white shirt and any color of tie. In design, all colors look good when paired with gray.


Yellow was popular in 2013 as well, but for 2014, it’s all about Acid Yellow. This is a shade that has been popular in fashion for a while. If it’s too strong for you, use it sparingly or pair it with gray to tone it down a bit.


Everyone agrees that blue will reign supreme in 2014. All shades are popular – vibrant ones like cobalt and saturated hues like navy. The pairing of greens and blues have been so popular over the past few years that it is no surprise that turquoise is “in” as well.


I know…I cringed too, but think more muted shades versus Easter eggs. You can always tone these shades down by mixing them with…you guessed it…gray.


Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year is Exclusive Plum. This color was all over the Atlanta Winter Market in fabrics, pillows, and accessories. It is as yummy as…well…plums!

A word of caution…a trend can be fairly short in duration. Incorporate trends into your home because you like them, not because everyone else is. Enjoy!

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