2014 Trends: Furniture & Accessories

2014 Trends in furniture and accessories represent the past, present and future.

Vintage Pieces

Vintage pieces are still popular as homeowners want to add their own personality to their living spaces.

This glass display case is an absolute show stopper.  Use it as an entry chest or in a study.  The range of colors you can pull from the worn textured finish can complement a lot of color schemes.  Here we paired it with a range of blues and creams.  The rug placed in front is multi colored, but pops with the bright blues.

Lacquered Furniture

My favorite – lacquered furniture – is always a classic.  The piece below is a statement piece in this open floor plan great room.  With a intricate lamp with crystals dangling and a delicate golden antler bowl – no one will be able to miss it!

Acylic Furnishings

A lucite chair paired with a small writing desk or an acrylic coffee table adds a modern touch and lots of interest to any space.

K - Lucite Chair

Or try a lamp with an acrylic base!

Louisville lighting acrylic base table lamp

Knitted Accessories

Accessories are giving a nod to the past. Knitted items and dare-I-say macrame are all the rage!

R - Macramae

Let the mad dash to your grandma’s cedar chest begin! Good luck in finding her macrame wall hangings! Enjoy!


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