2014 Trends: Home Design & Technology

The last entry in our blog series Trending in 2o14 will discuss trends in home design and technology.

Open Shelving Kitchens

For Kitchens, the biggest trend is open shelving. This can be a great look in a Kitchen – make it feel more open and spacious. The downside is that you lose valuable cabinet space, as in hidden cabinet space. If you go with open shelving, remember they are not only functional, but need to be arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

U - openshelvingkitchen19

Stand Alone Tubs

For Bathrooms, the hottest trend is stand alone tubs. Now, I am not a soaker, but I could be persuaded if I had such a beautiful bathtub. These stand alone tubs today are truly works of art in your Bath.

Place a couple of beautiful and functional accessories near it.  This gorgeous garden stool is the perfect spot to sit a glass of wine and a book for those long soaks!

USB Ports

For Technology, the latest and most practical trend is new outlets with USB ports so you can plug your devices directly into the outlet. I love when a practical item like an electrical outlet can evolve to suit the needs of how we live today.

W - U socket


I hope you have enjoyed this blog series of Interior Design trends for 2014. As always, remember to Trend Lightly!

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