Louisville Nests: Finishing Touches

The response was so great when we posted a blog on the Princess Bedroom that we decided to start  a recurring series featuring other homes that we have helped design. It’s like MTV Cribs, but different because we’re calling it Louisville Nests!

The first home we are featuring is of a store customer and client of mine. She has great taste, but just needed some help finishing off her rooms – in some instances, that meant editing some pieces or “shopping” in other rooms.



In the Foyer, she has a painted bombay chest that fits perfectly into the niche. The only change we made was to paint the back wall of the niche the same green color as in her Dining Room. All of the walls are connecting in the space so this was a chance to bring in one of our accent colors and define the space. Accent walls have been out and back in and now are out again. I do not like painting a flat wall in a room an accent color; however, I always paint a niche or alcove a different color from the main wall color. It does not have to be an accent color – it can simply be a different shade of your wall color.


Dining Room

Standing at the Front Door, you look directly into the Dining Room. The homeowner loved this piece of art so we wanted it to be a focal point; however, it was not large enough to fill the entire wall. We paired it with her antique mirror collection hung in an asymmetrical fashion. The finish on the mirror frames coordinates with the artwork frame.


The homeowner had recently purchased this trestle table and French chairs. She saw this bookcase in my store and asked if I thought it would work in her Dining Room. I applauded her thinking “outside of box” – she could have been predictable and purchased a sideboard or china cabinet. I helped her edit and arrange the accessories. She used a painted tray with some accessories on it as a centerpiece for her table – again, kudos for doing something unexpected.


The opposite wall is filled with a bench, accent pillows, and artwork. She had drapery panels up originally, but I convinced her to put back up this beautiful swag she had custom made. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous and ties all her colors together. She was worried that the style was dated, but I think you can and should do something special in a Dining Room, and sometimes drapery panels can be boring.

Great Room


The homeowner has a lot of warm & wonderful pieces in her Great Room including the powerful art above the mantle and a vibrant rug underfoot. We did need to add more fabric to offset her leather furniture. We brought in a chair from her Master Bedroom paired with a floor lamp and unique table. By doing so, we added seating, warmth, lighting and interest. She  only had space for a love seat so we had a small stool upholstered in a coordinating fabric to serve  as her coffee table.


This angled wall is in the direct traffic lane into the Kitchen. She had a deeper table there, but we replaced it with a narrow console table that has shelves for more accessories and is open in the back so it will not cover the vent.f

Sometimes the problem with your space is not what you have, but where you have it. Great pieces without proper space planning and functionality are just great pieces. Thanks to this homeowner for letting us to a peek into her nest!

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