Louisville Nests – Let’s Freshen Up: Adding a Foyer

Adding a foyer to a home that does not have a dedicated one is a must!   It is still important to set the first impression by having some sort of small vignette that welcomes guests into your home. A first impression is a lasting impression so you need to pay special attention to the first impression you are creating with your home. What would you like your home’s first impression to convey? Think about it – depending on the layout of your home, some people may never see past the entrance. How many times have you gone to pick up your child or to drop something off, and never had the time to venture in to someone’s home?

This was the case with our homeowners in our series “Louisville Nests- Let’s Freshen Up”.  Adding a foyer by creating a small vignette by the front door includes adding a chest the homeowner found at a local furniture store.

Louisville KY interior designer and decorator Robin Cole, home decor accessories

We also chose a beautiful decorative mirror from the store – a mirror I have often used as focal points of the design.  Check out how we used this decorative mirror in the great room of our series “The Sesame Book”.  Then, we add this lamp.  It is a great choice for the mirror.  Notice its height hits right at the gorgeous curves in the mirror.  The ceramic cream plate repeats the flowers/leafs painted on the chest.


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