Rooms Done Right: New Blog Series

About 5 years ago, I did a blog series entitled The Forgotten Rooms. It covered spaces such as the Foyer, Laundry Room, and even the Master Bedroom. These are rooms that people generally rank low on the importance and impact scale, but are truly the opposite. You should check it out – search Forgotten Rooms on our Blog page.

New Blog Series

This new series, Rooms Done Right, is in a similar vein – there are spaces in a home that people feel are more difficult to decorate so in many instances, they become the “Rooms of Misfit Furniture.”

How many times I have heard, “We are getting new furniture for our Great Room, so this ratty, old furniture can just move down to the Basement.”? Or, “It’s just a Sunroom – no one ever goes in it.”? Or, “We inherited this furniture from my Great Aunt Eloise, and since we only eat in the Dining Room twice a year, who cares?”?

I CARE – and you should too!

Reuse and repurpose furniture! I love going into a space and redesigning it with existing pieces so that the space looks entirely new. Anyone can go buy all new furniture and make a space look great (well, maybe not just anyone!). This series is about actually designing a space so that it feels like it is part of the home and making it a space you want spend time in.

I have a wonderful client who happens to be a realtor. We are in the process of drawing up plans to finish her Basement, and she made special mention that she wants the molding in the Basement to match the rest of the house so it does not look like the Basement was an afterthought. That is the kind of attention to detail that you need to make sure your home is Done Right! I look forward to sharing these spaces with you in the upcoming weeks.

Enjoy this sneak peak of a Basement Done Right!

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