Holiday Decorating Guide

If you do not decorate another area in your home for the holidays, you need to make sure these four areas are “decked” out.

1. Front Door

This is your guests’ first impression and you want to make them feel like you put effort into welcoming them to your home.


2. Mantle

This is naturally a focal point in any room and as such should be given special attention. Consider removing existing wall decor and adding an oversized wreath. Go crazy with the garland and the candles and the stockings.

3. Dining Table Centerpiece

Not everyone has Christmas dishes, but you can make the table special with a dramatic centerpiece. Think natural elements and you can’t go wrong!

4. Christmas Tree

This may sound silly but every home should have a family Christmas tree (you can have lots more trees as well) that truly reflects your family and your traditions.



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