Current Trends in Color: Fall 2010

It scares me to entitle this blog entry “Current Trends in Color” because a trend inherently is “in” one day and “out” another, only to be replaced by yet another trend which is “in” one day and “out” another, only to be replaced…well, you get the picture.

Trends in Color don’t change quite as often as trends in fashion; however, if you are selecting a color scheme for your entire home, it is important that you choose a scheme which is timeless and that you really love. Remember this is your home…YOU have to live in it 24/7. Sure, everyone wants an updated feel in their home, but you gotta love it!


One trend today will not be a surprise…It’s Green! With all the emphasis on sustainable products and eco-friendly living, it’s no wonder that the color green is popular. Another reason is the big push to bring the outdoors in.


A lot of emphasis is also being placed on healthy living, so again, it’s no surprise that Orange is very popular today. Please note – I am not talking about University of Tennessee orange or University of Florida orange!!!

Vibrant Blues

Vibrant Blues are popular in accents today. These colors evoke an exotic, eclectic feel.

Rich Purples

Rich Purples like red violets are gaining popularity for those who like mood, mystery and romance. Believe it or not, purple can transcend gender when it is mixed with neutrals.

Mixing Colors

Ikat prints and Indian textiles are popping up everywhere as well as Persian or Moroccan-inspired accessories.

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Pink + Grey

I’m sure you know that everything old is new again so the color scheme of Pink and Grey is back.  We not talking your daughter’s pink – we’re talking dusty pinks, neutral greys and taupes. Add in some Art Nouveau accents, and you’ll feel like you’re in the Roaring 20’s. Who doesn’t love The Great Gatsby?

Adding Depth to Color with Texture

Although this is not a color, Texture is very popular today. Patinas and rustic accents are timeliness. There is true beauty in imperfection. A word of warning – Don’t overdo the texture. You want it to make a statement in your room, not overwhelm it.

So, now that you know What’s In, it’s time to update your home with timeless colors you love – that’s what makes House2Home!

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