Decorating on a Budget

This week’s blog will reinforce the old adage – You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince…Once upon a time, a client of mine wanted to finish her basement Guest Room and Bath with art and accessories.


Do It Yourself!

She is an excellent seamstress so she had made custom bedding and window treatments for the bedroom. Her husband is an engineer, and he helped her make an upholstered headboard. We found a coordinating fabric for a custom floor-to-ceiling  shower curtain in the bath that will add drama and hide an awkward soffit above the tub.


Bargain Accessories

We have the focal points for these two rooms; however, the rooms aren’t finished. This client is preparing to do major redesign on her main level so…our quest was to find art and accessories at bargain prices. We scoured the land high and low until we came upon a Garden Ridge. We spent 3 hours, kissed a lot of frogs, but came out with the following art and accessories for around $500:

  • Over-sized Round Mirror for above Dresser
  • Wooden Panel for over the bed
  • Oval Leather Stool for Bay Window
  • 3 Lamps with decorative shades
  • Large Hurricane Candle-holder & Decorative Tray for Nightstand
  • 3 Ceramic Vases for Dresser
  • 2 Large Pieces of Framed Artwork for Bathroom
  • Accessories for Bathroom Vanity

The Moral of this Story

You can find unique and stylish art and accessories at bargain prices if you are willing to invest some time. It would also be worth your while to use the services of a professional interior designer to make sure you have truly found good bargains. Remember…art & accessories definitely make a House2Home!

P.S. My client lived Happily Ever After! The End

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