There’s No Place Like Home…arama: The Exterior

This is the first installment of our new blog series: There’s No Place Like Home…arama. We will go room by room and discuss the goals, challenges and results along with helpful tips that you can apply to your own rooms.

2013 Homearama Locust Creek House #6 Robin's Nest Interiors Louisville Kentucky

A little background…We did the interior design for House #6 built by Landmark Custom Homes at the Locust Creek site for the 2013 Homearama. The builder Richard Miles and his team were wonderful to work with, and I so appreciated the opportunity to partner with them.

The house I designed was a contract home so it was already sold. The homeowners wanted to start fresh so all of the furnishings were selected specifically for and purchased by them. This was an unique situation because I had to balance the needs of the homeowners with the expectations of Homearama. Based on the feedback, I think we succeeded.

About the House

This home is a ranch with a finished basement level. It’s approximately 3900 square feet with 2400 on the main level and 1400 finished on the lower level. The exterior would be considered a craftsmen style. The homeowners were very wise in that they visited many neighborhoods searching for a combination of exterior finishes that they liked. They wanted brick and stone and shingles.  This is imperative when building a home. There is no way to envision how a brick or stone will actually look on a house by viewing a sample board.

At the point the brick was ready to be laid, the brick company informed the homeowners that the mortar they had selected would be a significant up-charge. As frustrating as that was, the homeowners decided to go with what they had selected because there wasn’t time to research what other mortar options would look like on a finished house. I think the exterior of the home is just stunning.


The exterior of your home is not just brick and mortar.  Curb appeal has a huge impact on the overall appearance. As the landscaping was installed, we questioned some of the individual selections.  In the end, trusted the landscape designer’s vision and expertise.

For instance, the plan called for repeating the color blue throughout the front bed.  This would bring out the grays in the brick and stone.  We went with a Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar in front of the Dining Room window. The homeowners knew they did not want to block the light coming in that window, but were not sure about that particular selection. However, as the days passed, all 3 of us commented on how we had all come to love the tree!

Stamped Concrete

Another unique feature of the home was the stamped concrete “flagstone” treatment on the driveway and sidewalk. It is a true work of art and received the award for Best Use of Concrete.

The lesson learned is that your exterior should be given as much thought as your interior. First impressions are important and begin with the exterior of your home. Remember a paint color is much easier to change than your brick!


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