There’s No Place Like Home…arama: Covered Porch & Patio Area

Well, we are at the end of our journey with this blog series “There’s No Place Like Home…arama” – we have literally run out of rooms and have moved outdoors to the covered porch and lower patio area.  With protection from the elements we can consider outdoor space living space in this day and age.

You should really evaluate how you will use your Outdoor Living spaces. Personally, we have had a dining set on our screened in porch for a couple of years that we used sporadically. My husband said he wanted a seating area so we made the change, and we used our porch all the time this summer.

Covered Porch

The covered porch had many upgraded features including a see-through stone fireplace, wiring for television and retractable screens. The homeowners decided they did not want an outdoor dining area so we specified a large sectional and oversized ottoman.



Lower Patio Area

The lower patio area overlooked the bridge to a large water feature. Our seating area included two swivel rockers and a chaise lounge. Do not forget to accessorize your Outdoor Living spaces. We used tin artwork, stone birds, and lots and lots of plants. Check out the unique planters made out of recycled bark.


When evaluating your living space, do not forget to include and decorate your Outdoor Living areas. We hope you have enjoyed this journey through the Homearama house. Thanks to the homeowners who let us peek inside!

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