Mid-Century Renovation: Preface

Our new Blog Series: My Old Kentucky Home will follow the renovation of my very own mid-century ranch home that my husband Tom and I purchased in June of 2014.

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But first, a little background on how we got here…

Since moving to Louisville in May of 2005, we lived in a traditional one and a half story home in the east end. It was a great home in a great neighborhood, but we decided to put our house on the market last Spring for several reasons:

  1. Our youngest daughter was graduating from high school and going to college out of state like her older sister
  2. My husband travels for work, and with the store, it was hard for me to keep up with that much house
  3. The pool we loved so much when the kids were younger had become a source of martial contention.  Basically I thought Tom was supposed to take care of it, and he didn’t!

We were blessed to get a contract on our home fairly quickly so the search was on…

Finding the Perfect Older, Ranch Style Home

Tom and I have always wanted an older ranch style home that we could renovate. A nice home with updated finishes and modern amenities does not have to be over 3000 square feet. Bigger does not mean better. Plus with an older home, you get lots of character that you will not find in a new home.

The journey to our new home was not a smooth one. This was actually the 4th home we put an offer on. What we wanted was tricky and in short demand – a home that we could afford to renovate that after such would not price us out of the neighborhood. We actually had a contract on a home in Anchorage, but it fell through after the inspection came back showing some structural issue.  What happened? The piers holding up the entire home were not in concrete!

The same day we walked away from that house, we found our current home in Bellemeade.  This was the exact neighborhood we wanted to be in all along! God is good! Now the tricky part…this was a Tuesday, the first day the house was on the Market, and Tom was in Atlanta working. So, what did I do? I bought it! Tom and the girls did not see the house until that Friday. Their reaction was underwhelming. But they trusted my vision for the house and have since commented that they should have never doubted me. I try not to say “I told you so” but I am only human!

About the House

The 1951 house is only 1700 square feet. We chose to downsize, but maybe not this much! We had every intention of adding a Master Suite including enlarged Master Bedroom, new Master Bath and Laundry Room to the back of the house, but decided against it once we considered the cost of the addition along with all of the renovations we needed to make in other parts of the house. The interior designer in me was actually excited about making the house work for us within the existing footprint.

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On the Renovation

The renovation lasted 3 1/2 months. We used Brad and Mike Anderson, contractors that I use for my design clients. They are meticulous perfectionists, skilled craftsmen, and trustworthy businessmen that became part of our family – we miss them! We went a little over budget because my husband wanted to get things like new windows – where’s the fun in that?

So…we moved in on June 20th and cut down this tree that was blocking the front of our home on June 21st. Don’t be a hater – we have since replaced the tree with a beautiful river birch strategically placed near the street. I look forward to sharing our adventure with you.

One thing I did learn was that it is vital to have an interior designer along for the renovation process. At times when things went wrong – things will ALWAYS go wrong during a renovation – I wish I had had an advocate to work through the problems. It was at times exhausting being both the homeowner and the interior designer, but our home definitely turned out better for it. Enjoy!

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