Rooms Done Right: Powder Bath – Small Space, Big Impact

We have another Room Done Right to share with you, and this time it is one of my favorite rooms to design. Powder Bath – Small Space, Big Impact!

Make a Statement

Because you do not spend a lot of time in the Powder Bath, you should not get tired of the design or feel it is too much. Plus this is a room that your guests will use so you can really “wow” them with your design.

This particular Powder Bath was a very small space, but the homeowner wanted to touch every surface. We started by removing the dated wallpaper and painting the walls Sherwin Williams’ Meditative (SW6227) to tie the blue color in from the other living spaces on the Main Level. Next, we added crown molding which in the small space was relatively inexpensive, but a great finishing detail. We painted the ceiling Mountain Aire (SW6224), and by doing so, made the white crown molding pop.




We turned out attention to the vanity which was 42″ wide. Unfortunately, it was 32″ high which was the old standard for a bathroom vanity. The new standard is comfort height of 36″ to match the height of your Kitchen countertops. 32″ was the standard for many years to accommodate small children. I do not incorporate those accommodations in my design for the simple reason that your children will not always be small. Design for the future with permanent fixtures and even furnishings. Then “have at it” with non-permanent items such as linens and paint colors to make your littles feel right at home.

So does this mean you have to purchase a new vanity? Not at all! Our wonderful contractor Brad Anderson installed a board in between the top of the vanity and the countertop and finished it with molding to blend with the existing vanity design. This “fix” will necessitate the vanity to be painted, but that is something I would recommend anyway to bring in the punch you need for this small space.

Faux Painting

We had our talented faux painter Kelly Sisler of Kelly Faux Creations paint the vanity black and add some metallic silver detail to tie in with our brushed nickel fixtures. Now, you guys know I am a quartz girl; but for these vanities, I do like to find a granite remnant to bring in lots of movement into the small space. We selected this gorgeous Blue Ice granite that is really the focal point of the room.



Finishing Touches

At this point, it’s all about the finishing touches, and finish this room, we did. The homeowner had the existing mirror in a brushed nickel finish so we added cabinetry hardware, faucet, bath accessories, and lighting in that finish. You have heard me say that it is okay to mix metals, and it is; however, I think the sparkle of the nickel finish was perfect for this space. No detail was too small – we changed out the generic vent light with a more updated one; and although we did not change out the toilet, we did change out the hardware.

Wall Decor

You hear people complain that they do not have enough wall space; well, that is often not the case in a Powder Bath. Resist the urge to fill every wall. Pay special attention to the wall you will see as you and your guests pass the Powder Bath. This striking artwork encompasses all the colors throughout the main level. We also added this wonderful fleur-di-lis wall emblem behind the toilet so that it is reflected in the vanity mirror as well.



Remember I mentioned that no surface was untouched? We finished off the space with a small rug positioned in front of the vanity. This is a 2’x3′ rug, not a bath mat, which is a perfect fit. Do keep the thickness of the rug in mind when making your selection so it will not obstruct the operation of your door.


We think you will agree that we made a big impact in this small space. Enjoy!

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