Homearama 2016: An Introduction

Welcome to Homearama 2016: An Introduction where we will take you into the process for creating a showcase home – a phenomenal 12 month long project filled with plenty of blood, sweat and tears.  Mostly sweat with the actual even held in middle of a regular Kentucky July – consistently high 90s and a humidity that can steam any pair of glasses.

Our Team

Nevertheless, we are so proud of all those who helped contribute to creating a beautiful home for our ever-patient homeowners.  This gorgeous “Southern Belle” took home 3 of the 6 awards given by the Building Industry Association at the River Crest Development: Best Kitchen Cabinetry (M&H Cabinetry), Best Closet Design (Closets by Design), and Best Lighting (Ferguson). 

Also cheers to our builder, Chad Stoyell of Stoyell Built Homes for winning 3rd place in the popular vote for Best Builder!  He, of course, is at the top of our list as Stoyell Built Homes pride themselves in custom homes built with impeccable craftsmanship.  Our Southern Belle did not detour from his reputation!  Beautifully executed detail can be found everywhere from the hot/cold exterior hose hookup to the wooden dormer over the front porch.  

In addition, the house is a looker – a home you can’t find in just any neighborhood.   Notice the bold symmetry with the stone walls flanking the large front porch.  Windows placed high on either side of the front facade provide plenty of light while maintaining privacy.louisville interior design homearama 2016 exterior

Our landscaper, Chad Rodgers, complemented the symmetry with matching Japanese Maples that in due time will grow up to be perfectly positioned.louisville interior design homearama 2016 front door 2

Concrete planters anchor the front door, while bold blue rocking chairs brighten up the facade two by two.

louisville interior design homearama 2016 front doorNatural Wood Elements

Chad Stoyell, the builder, used real material throughout the house and the front door is no exception.  This beauty is made of solid wood.

louisville interior design homearama 2016 front dorma

The natural beauty of wood is continued in this wooden open dormer.  The lighting fixture keeps that southern charm going with lantern accents – also seen in the fixtures flanking the garage door.

louisville interior design homearama 2016 garage fixtures

louisville interior design homearama 2016 side houseHydrangeas line the driveway along the side of the house.  Great craftsmanship on the shake siding and stone application. 

louisville interior design homearama 2016 backyard
View of the back porch, including two seating areas-a cozy fireplace and a patio for those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!

And on a final note, we just love the accessibility of the patio from the garage!  The door to the right of the table and chairs leads directly into the garage!  Stay tuned for what door #2 leads to….

Stay Tuned for More

Hope you liked our introduction on this great project – Homearama 2016!  Please stay tuned for more insight on the design process of each space.  I can’t wait to show you the inside of this Southern Belle. Enjoy!

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