Homearama 2016: Foyer & Lounge

The next stop of our tour of Homearama 2016: Foyer & Lounge. The Foyer of the home is the opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the house and make that lasting first impression with your guests. Fortunately, we had a huge opportunity to impress with this Foyer open to the Dining Room.  The homeowners told us they were not “Formal Dining Room people”, so we decided to create a space where entertaining could be effortless as well as charming.

With only an opening separating the foyer & lounge, the two spaces need to be able to stand alone as well as act as one. To do this, we focused first on the lighting and then the walls.



These two chandeliers are absolutely show-stoppers.  Did we mention that this house won best lighting?  The lantern type chandelier in the Foyer was installed on an exposed beam.


The Lounge chandelier was hung lower than normal to adjust for the lower coffee table as opposed to a full height dining table.



We added a wallpaper with a vintage feel to the Foyer to serve as the feature wall for the whole space – and pulled our paint colors from there.  Quietude by Sherwin-Williams (SW6212) is on the painted portions of the Foyer walls, as well on the Hallway that wraps along the other exposed side of the Lounge.


For the Dining Room, we used Halcyon Green (SW6213) to pull out the more green color from our wallpaper.


This particular wallpaper coordinates so well with the old scroll color of this great architectural print of a New Orleans train station.


Family Heirloom

The wooden bench, a family heirloom, is just perfect, and looks like it came straight from a train station itself!


Textured navy thread pillows with white welting softly bring out the same muted navy in the wallpaper.


The light trickling through the front door shows the beautiful texture of the hand-scrapped, chain-whipped hickory floors that run throughout the house.


In order to create some variety between these two spaces, we added a touch of orange to the Lounge while still using those soft green/blues to tie back to the Foyer.


Our cozy club chair seating area is perfect for our homeowners’ casual entertaining style. We even added a bright teal buffet for serving drinks!


Natural light along the front facade creates a beautiful glow on all the glass accessories.  We purposefully included a mix of textures and hues with orange shaker vases and both clear and orange glasswork.


The fabric for our custom window treatments complements the wallpaper and adds a vibrant pattern to the Lounge.

Converting the Dining Room to a Lounge worked perfectly for these homeowners’ lifestyle. No one loves a beautiful Dining Room more than me.  However, your spaces need to be functional for your family as well. If you do not need a formal dining area, then figure out what you do need.  Do you need an additional seating area or space to put an office? Thank you for touring our Homearama 2016: Foyer & Lounge. Next stop…The Study!


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