12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas

Under a week to go ’till Christmas!

Here’s our gift ideas all in one place to help you mark everyone off your list. 


Our Candle line, Votivo (which is heavenly in its own right), has these great little guys to help freshen up any tight space.  Place a sachet in the car, your gym bag, or anywhere you can’t – or shouldn’t – have a open flame!




Getting tired of always having to inform your guests which towels they can use? With this set, they will always know!
Just kidding, we think these are just darling.


We always love a good plate, whether it be one that you display on a stand or one that you want to use for serving food!  These little plates are great for small appetizers or even a convenient place to throw the jewelry you wear daily.




Even though there are technically not 9 in the picture above, I assure you we have 9 books you can stack!  These are some of my favorites in the store right now.  Not only do they have a great quote on them, but the color combination of black and white can fit into many color schemes very nicely.




Winter weather has definitely reached some bitter lows already in the season.  Warm up with some of our throw blankets! Super soft and a ton of color combinations to choose from!




Get your photos off of your phone and into a frame!  This shell inlay frame is just one of many types of frames we have to offer to display some of your favorite memories with the people you love!



If you have walked into our store recently, you may have asked or wondered “what is that heavenly smell?”.  We have your answer – Icy Blue Pine.  Only here for the holidays, it is the Creme de la creme of Votivo!  It smells just like Christmas!  Other holiday scents include Red Currant and Winter Cranberry.



Our holiday decor this year includes themes of luscious golds, classic red and greens, as well as a frosty winter wonderland and we have Ornaments to match!  These horse head ornaments are such a fun shape – they will add a perfect Kentucky Christmas look to any tree!



Thank you French settlers of long ago for giving Louisville its obsession with Fleur-de-lis!  And we do love them!  Come in and explore our table of Fluer-de-lis galore – plenty of spoons, spreaders, bowls, and platters to choose from!



Another thing to thank France for – Panier des Sens hand cream!  Made in France and available in Verbena, Almond, and Lavender.  They also make marseille soap cooked in cauldrons to match!



Funny name, but they mean business.  Spray once before you go and no one will know!  The room will be filled with Lemon, Bergamot, and Lemongrass instead!




These coasters made in nearby in Newport, KY are a staple in our store, as they have so many great sets to match anyone’s interests!  We love these that feature our hometown, but they also have a derby set, a cardinal set, and a set for newlyweds!


Merry Christmas from Our Nest to Yours!

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