Personal Shopper Services

We are excited to announce a new service we are offering to our customers. We have been providing this service to our design clients and want to extend it to everyone. It’s called our Personal Shopper Services which is a free service to help our customers “finish” their rooms.

You can have a beautiful paint color on the walls and nice furniture in the space, but until you bring in your personality and style with finishing touches such as accessories, artwork and lighting, your room will not feel complete or feel like home.

Here’s how it works…

  • set an in store appointment with Robin,
  • bring in photos of the space you need help completing,
  • we “shop” the store together,
  • Robin & Abby bring the items out to your home and place them for you, and
  • you get 10% Off everything that you keep!

Call us today for an Appointment!


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