2018 Design Trends: Color

Around this time of year, everyone is looking for what’s next on the horizon in terms of color in Interior Design and Fashion.  This year Pantone chose Ultraviolet as it’s color of the year.

If you were with us at our Trends in Color event last year, you will recall that Pantone, in collaboration with industry leaders, chose this color 5 years ago!  The reason why is it takes that long to get this color out into the market.  Furniture, fabrics, and products all have to be produced in order for this color to make its way into our lives.

So how in the world are you going to incorporate this into your space?  Here are some great palettes that Pantone put together to show how versatile this color can be.

The Purple Haze Palette is a great look at how to tie Ultra Violet into spaces that already have those blue-grey-greens that have been popular for a while now. By updating the color of just a few accessories in your space, you can have a fresh look this upcoming year.  With the Intrigue palette below, you can see how it can be paired with a more bold blue and teal and even green.



Apart from using the latest color, here at Robin’s Nest Interiors, we tell people to use the colors they LOVE in their projects.  One of the latest trends we are seeing is using a range of tones, tints, and shades from one color.  Say your favorite color is green.  Below is a great vignette we put together in the store to show you how versatile green can be.  This little nook uses everything from sage in the lamp base to a traditional green on the chair to a deep teal in the books on the nesting tables.  Notice that the artwork is what ties it all together.  The range of textures adds interest when using a monochromatic palette.


We hope you enjoyed this post, look out for trends in fabric and finishes on our next post!

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