2018 Design Trends: Introduction

Welcome to the new year, and with that comes new trends in design!

This year we will talk about color, finishes, and trends in fabric and furniture.  But first let’s talk about design in general.

Curated Spaces

Here at Robin’s Nest Interiors, we always say to trend lightly. Go for what you love!  Designers are starting to approach projects as a series of objects, curated just for you!  Trends are out, and personality is in.  Let your designer help you pull the things you love together in a way that works just for you and your family.  Don’t worry about what’s the latest and greatest color, choose one that you love (more tips on that in our upcoming color post)!


In line with that – get rid of faux everything and go for authentic!  This includes anything that is made to look old and especially faux industrial.  Usually faux finds make a room look cheap and won’t last the test of time. Our only exception is faux fur – it is much better on the conscious than the real thing!

Convert Unused Spaces

As far as space planning – a trend we are starting to see is converting an unused dining room or living room into a usable space.  Why buy an entire living room seating arrangement if no one ever goes in there?!  We have seen those spaces converted to libraries, media rooms, or even like our 2016 Homearama project, a lounge for playing cards!

Kitchen Pass Throughs

If you happen to be in the process of a new build, consider a kitchen pass through window.  This can be into another interior room of your house or even to the outside patio area.  Everyone always gathers in the kitchen anyway – so why not extend it!  This is also a great options if your renovating and you can’t quite convert your floor plan into a fully open one due to bearing walls.

Stay tuned for other design trend posts in the weeks to come!  Stay warm out there!

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