2019 Design Trends: Color

So every January it happens.  You take down your Christmas tree and put your Living Room back together, and inevitably, you have itch.  It’s a new year, and you need a little inspiration on how to freshen up the space you have been cozying up in all winter long.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about just that – 2019 Design Trends. Particularly, what color trends to be on the lookout for, and more importantly, how you can bring your personality into your home through color this year!

If you have been in our store and talked with us, you know we love color!  This past year we painted over our soft blue/green walls. We chose a bold teal, a soft navy, and a muted mauve.  After the rush of mixed metal accessories this past spring, we have been making an effort to bring in more bold colors to our vignettes and these saturated walls help with that goal! Which brings us to our first color trend of 2019:


Color Saturation

This can look like dark, bold colors (my personal favorite as my bedroom walls are painted black).  But it doesn’t have to be an entire wall, perhaps bring in your favorite bold, dark color through a piece of art.

Using saturated color adds energy to your space, whether you have a neutral palette for 90% of your room and you add a bold accent color (or colors) for the last 10%, or if you paint your baseboards the same color as your bold wall!


Warmer Color Palette

So you may have noticed our awesome recliner and super comfy club chair we got in from October Market.  These pieces are the perfect example of our next color trend for 2019 – warmer colors.  These chairs are upholstered in menswear-like patterns which is a favorite for all of us at Robin’s Nest.  We usually like to stick with warmer undertones in general, especially for wall colors, but this extends to fabrics and accessories as well.  Warm grays, warmer neutrals, and even putty tones will always add warmth to your home while still being very versatile.

Art Deco

Lastly, Art Deco is going to be a major source of inspiration this year.  Art Deco came about over a century ago, and was all about striving to be modern, using rich materials, and high quality craftsmanship.  It was thought to be the first truly international style.  I see a lot of similarities these days with the world at our fingertips and we are seeing this style’s influence in a lot of products.

In particular, the color Blush.  Now I know last year that soft pink they are calling “millennial pink” was the trend, but we found that it was really hard to incorporate pink into our customer’s home.  This year we are thinking about Blush as a neutral.  We are seeing it paired with bold, dark colors like oxblood, olive, navy, even black (yay!). Blush brings a wonderful warmth to a space without screaming PINK!


Most importantly, this year feel confident to bring in your own personality to the space through color.  Add a fun piece that speaks to you, because individuality is in!  In our opinion it is always in style to go with your gut. It also helps one “trend lightly”.


Stay tuned next week for our post on 2019 Design Trends in Fabrics and Finishes!

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