Product of the Month: Centerpieces

We get a lot of inquiries about what to do for Dining Room or Breakfast Area centerpieces. There are several things you need to consider – the shape of your table, the chandelier, and what other items you have in the room. If you have an extra long rectangle table, I tend to mimic the table with a long slender centerpiece – like the ones below.

For round and shorter rectangle tables, I like to use one object, but make sure it does not obstruct your chandelier (which should be 36″ off the table top). I love to use beautiful bowls with interesting shapes and textures like the ones below. And before you ask, no, you do not have to put anything in them. Treat them as sculptural items.

Of course, you want to consider the accent colors you are using in the room and the fabrics and accessories you already have. These two options below are the perfect way to achieve that.


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