Mid-Century Renovation: Guest Bathroom Refresh

While we were refreshing other rooms in our home, I decided to change the wallpaper in the Guest Bath. When we purchased the house, this area was a Powder Bath and Coat Closet. We decided to make it a full bathroom which is great, but it is a super small space. You guys know I love wallpaper so I knew I wanted to go with more wallpaper; however, I did look for one with a lighter background to make this space feel larger. I also needed to work with my existing flooring and finishes. I absolutely love this updated medallion pattern in whites, grays and a pop of navy which carries that color in from the Living Room. I changed out shower curtain with a gray textured option and brought in more of the navy with the towels.

I love the new wallpaper! It makes the space feel lighter and larger. Enjoy!

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