Lake Forest New Build: Dining Room

We are so excited to share this next project with you. We had the opportunity to work with these homeowners just as their new home was completed, and the fun began with furnishing and finishing off the spaces. In the Dining Room, the homeowners purchased the lovely table and side chairs for their new home. We added the striking armchairs in an elegant fabric. I simply love the style of this armchair. The built-in corner cabinets took care of storage so it was on to finishing touches. The gorgeous hand knotted rug is watercolor pattern is a wonderful addition. We added relaxed roman shades in a geometric pattern to complement the wall color. The vibrant artwork fit beautifully on the wall, and the sculptural bowl is the perfect centerpiece. 

Although this Dining Room is a soothing space, it is also full of interest and texture and color and warmth. Enjoy! 

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